Flight Cases & Equipment Cases

Flight Cases & Equipment Cases
We supply a range of flight and equipment case solutions, each offering exceptional value for money. Aluminium and moulded cases are available in a variety of designs, colours, styles and sizes.
What are Flight Cases?
Flight cases are designed to protect equipment during transportation. These cases are supplied with or without foam inserts. Typical applications include musical instruments, Tools and cable equipment.
What are Equipment Cases?
Equipment cases are designed for protecting materials during storage and transportation. Supplied with internal foam support to keep articles safe and secure. Typical application include photography equipment, video and camera equipment.
What are the key features?
• Rugged Lightweight construction
• High-quality protection for equipment
• Tailored internal cushioning
• Environmental sealing to protect against moisture, humidity, rain, dust and chemicals
• Wheeled option
• Stackable
• Watertight or Waterproof
• Retractable extension handle option
What the different types?
• Small, medium and large flight cases
• Storm cases
• Plastic flight cases
• Aluminium cases
• Aluminium flight case with foam
• Peli cases
• Wheeled flight case
• Transport shipping case
• Foam case
• Metal flight case
• Hard flight case
• Aluminium travel case
• Pedalboard flight case
• Pelican micro case
• Pelican case
• Protective equipment case
• Transit case
Which application would you use these cases?
Flight & Equipment cases are reliable protective cases used to transport fragile equipment securely and safely. Typical applications include musical, test & measure, security, photography and video applications.

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Description Price Material Internal Height Internal Width Internal Depth Internal Dimensions External Height External Width External Depth External Dimensions Foam Watertight or Waterproof Wheels Colour Dividers
RS庫存編號 358-2296
PP - - - - 170 mm 370 mm 275mm 170 x 370 x 275mm - - - Black -
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PP - - - - 125 mm 275 mm 175mm 125 x 275 x 175mm - Yes - Black -