Work Benches & Work Tops

Work benches are heavy duty tables at which work is carried out. They vary in size and material, depending on what it is used for. They may also feature storage for tools and supplies.

A reliable work bench is the centre piece of any DIY project or construction job. Whether you’re working with wood, stripping an engine or repairing electronic devices, an appropriate work space makes your life easier and helps you keep organised.

Our work benches range from portable PPE mats to heavy duty benches complete with inbuilt storage solutions. Made from wood or galvanised steel, we have a work bench to suit your project or workplace, even if you operate in environments where Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a risk.

Workbench uses:
• Woodwork and carpentry
• Laboratories
• Metalwork
• Electronics (ESD)
• Repair work
• Jewellery making
• Assembly work
• Warehouse packing

Work tops form the top part of a work bench. They are made from wood, metal or vinyl and can be customised to your workbench design. The type of material effects the durability and practicality of the work top. For example, vinyl does not absorb like wood, and so is useful when working with oils and liquids. Wooden work tops are ideal for general applications, for example carpentry. Steel worktops are very hard wearing, non-absorbent and non-corrosive.

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