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PCB Support Pillars

PCB support pillars support the mounting of a printed circuit board (PCB) within a variety of different electronic assemblies, They help the PCB to become both insulated and secure.

How to mount a support pillar to a PCB

Step 1

Apply the desired amount of solder paste to the pad of the PCB.

Step 2

Solder the mounting pillar in place using standard surface mount techniques.

Step 3

Mount and secure the module with a self-locking screw and a torque for tightening.

Types of PCB support pillars

Nylon support pillars

Nylon pillars and spacers offering excellent electrical insulation, essential in many applications.

Nylon support pillars with brass inserts

Nylon pillars/standoffs with brass inserts provide fully insulated and strong fixing for Printed Circuit Boards and Busbars.

Brass support pillars

Brass pillars and spacers are ideal for heavy duty and high temperature applications.

Steel support pillars

Steel pillars are typically made from mild steel and are zinc plated for heavy duty applications.