Steam Cleaner Accessories

Our steam cleaner accessories are suitable for different types of steam cleaners to allow regular replenishment of worn or missing parts.

Why are steam cleaner accessories useful?

Steam cleaners comprise a number of separate component parts and replaceable accessories including filters, cloths, floor pads, hand pads and brushes. Some steam cleaner accessories should be washed or replaced on a regular basis to ensure efficient operation, such as cloths, pads and filters. 

Steam cleaner cloths and pads are absorbent and hard wearing and suitable for floor or hand tool extensions. Different materials allow for different uses. Micro-fibre pads are suitable for cleaning large surface areas, scrubbing pads are more abrasive for stubborn dirt, and dusting pads help remove dust in hard to reach places.

How to choose the right steam cleaner accessories

The steam cleaner accessories you choose will depend on the size and model of your steam cleaner. All of our accessories state which models they are compatible with to help you make the right selection.

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Cloth DE 4002 Steam Cleaner