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Paint Pens

Paint pens are similar to other marker pens and paint markers in that they offer the user precision, control and versatility. They are commonly used to create permanent writing on surfaces such as cardboard, plastic, rubber and textiles and many more. Paint pens can also complete precision work on larger scale projects, such as art installations, paintings and even detailed indoor decoration. They can remove the need for paint brushes when filling in detailed pieces, and the absence of the individual fibres found in paint brushes can lead to a cleaner fill with less risk of smudging. These paint pens come with a choice of tip sizes from extra fine up to broad.

How to use Paint Pens

Paint pens are simple and easy to use. Shake the paint pen with the cap on, press the nib onto a scrap of paper until colour flows and then use as desired.

When to use Paint Pens

The simple yet versatile nature of paint pens means they can be used by almost anyone, whether you are a drawing beginner, a DIY enthusiast or a professional decorator. Their potential uses are as extensive as your imagination, used for anything from minor projects, such as scrapbooks, to larger pieces, such as murals or interior decorating.


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