Barrier & Stanchion Accessories

Barrier accessories are a range of extra or replacement components used with your existing barriers or to make new barriers. They're commonly used for safety, traffic management and crowd controlin commercial and industrial settings, such as warehouses.

Why are barriers and barrier accessories important?

Barriers in the workplace or commercial settings are important not only for safety and to meet official standards, but also to help increase operational efficiency andstreamline facilities. Barriers are commonly used to provide directional guidance (to show people where to go) or to indicate areas that are restricted or cordoned off.

Types of barrier accessories

You can choose from a range of barrier accessories, including:

  • Barrier chains and extra chain links – used for signs and marking and come in a range of colours.
  • Barrier posts – the long metal tube section of barrier that fits into the barrier post.
  • Sign frames – used to add directional guidance, for example in queue layouts.
  • Barrier bases – used in combination with barrier posts and chains to create a robust barrier.

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