Traffic & Safety Cone Accessories

Traffic cone accessories are extra components that are used with traffic and safety conesfor traffic management and crowd control.

Applications for traffic cone accessories

Traffic cones, also called safety cones, are coloured cone-shaped markers that are usually placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. You can use traffic cone accessories to help with directional guidance (showing people where to go) – for example, you can slot traffic cone fixing brackets onto your cone in order attach a lamp to make the cone more visible.

Features and benefits of traffic cone accessories

Features and benefits of traffic cones and traffic cone accessories may include:

  • Come in highly visible (especially fluorescent or reflective) colours so that they can be easily seen.
  • Can be used to redirect traffic or to warn road users of hazards and dangers, including road works, lane changes and/or accidents.
  • Can be used on footpaths, pedestrian areas and construction areas to indicate hazards.
  • Made from durable, hard-wearing materials for use in all weather conditions.

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