Hand Cleaners & Soaps

Our range of hand cleaners is designed to ensure your washrooms meet the highest hygiene standards lowering the risks of infection. Whether it is for general day-to-day hand washing or for industrial environments where heavy duty cleaners are required we have the ideal solution to promote a healthy washroom. For a complete overview, you can consult our Hand Cleaners Guide.

The industrial hand cleaners will remove ingrained dirt, oil, grease and paints whilst being gentle on your skin.

To suit your needs we offer various packaging options including cassettes and cartridges that fit our range of soap dispensers. You have the option to choose from the numerous fragrances we have available including our anti-bacterial and unscented hand cleaners. If you operate a high traffic washroom we provide immediate solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and maintenance-free.

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Description Price Package Size Compatible Dispensers Package Type Fragrance Anti-Bacterial Colour Unit Volume Range Trade Name
RS庫存編號 136-9636
毎盒:6 個
1 L 560100 Dispensers, 560108 Dispenser, 960000 Dispenser Bottle - - Yellow - - Tork Mild Liquid Soap