Hand Dryers

For bathroom hygiene solutions in commercial and industrial environments, hand dryers are built to suit your needs. Whether you need cost-effective plastic models, or sturdy stainless steel, our hand dryers comes in a variety of air flow and power ratings to best suit your work environment.

Why use Hand Dryers?

Hand dryers blow hot air onto wet hands and evaporate or push off the water, rather than drying by paper or towel. This has both environmental and cost advantages. Hand dryers have been shown to massively reduce paper waste, and to offer a lower cost investment over time than paper towels.

Automatic or Manual?

Hand dryers are either equipped with sensors, and begin drying automatically as the hands are presented, or are manual, and begin drying only when a button is pushed. Sensors are a useful option in that they reduce the potential spread of bacteria through human contact.

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Description Price Air Flow Case Material Supply Voltage Automatic/Manual Finish Power Rating Depth Height Width
RS庫存編號 923-2675
製造零件編號370411 - SL 2008 AUTO
170m³/h Plastic - Automatic - 1875W 212mm 332mm 155mm
RS庫存編號 923-2672
製造零件編號370410 - SL 2008
170m³/h Plastic - Manual - 1875W 212mm 332mm 155mm