Screw/Bolt Kits

Screw bolt kits are types of fastener combinationsthat contain different quantities of screws and bolts used for fastening, fixing and assembling purposes.

Screws are fasteners that thread directly into the substrate materials without using nuts on the other sides. Bolts are threaded through openings and secured with nuts on the rear side.

What are screw bolt kits used for?

The screws and bolts in these kits are useful where you need two components to join together, fasten to other surfaces or fix onto products and materials.

The kits may contain speciality screws and bolts designed for specific purposes based on the materials they need to penetrate such as wood, steel, plastic, concrete and sheet metal.

Types of screw bolt kits

Screws and bolts come in many different sizes. The kits available can be categorised by drive type and by base material.

  • Drive type refers to the insertion mechanism, i.e. the type of driver needed to insert the screw into the surfaces. Typical options available include slotted, hexed or crossed.
  • Base material refers to the material that the screws and bolts are constructed from. These may include steel, plastic, nylon or brass.

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Description Price Number of Pieces Screw/Bolt Type Head Shape Drive Type Screw/Bolts Lengths Thread Size Material Stainless Steel Type Finish Screw/Bolt Length Longest Screw/Bolt Length Shortest
RS庫存編號 104-0876
整套:1 個
700 Wood Screw Countersunk Pozisquare 3.5 → 5mm - Steel - Yellow Passivated, Zinc Plated 5mm 3.5mm
RS庫存編號 890-3916
整套:1 個
1570 Wood Screw - Pozisquare 20 → 100mm - Steel - Yellow Passivated, Zinc Plated 100mm 20mm
RS庫存編號 890-3913
整套:1 個
1610 Wood Screw - Pozisquare 30 → 100mm - Steel - Yellow Passivated, Zinc Plated 100mm 30mm