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Thread Repair Inserts

Threaded inserts are formed from high quality stainless steel wire with a diamond shaped cross section, wound to the shape of a spring thread. They provide a permanent and wear resistant thread in the parent material that is generally stronger than the original thread. The inserts are designed to be greater in diameter than the tapped hole and compress as they are installed.

How do they work?


• Drill to clear out the damaged thread id required


• Use a thread insert tap to match the size the of the bolt


• Wind insert in with light downward pressure until 1/4 to 1/2 turn below the surface, driving tang towards the bottom of the hole.

Remove Tang

• Remove tool and sit back on top of tang. Tap down sharply. Do not try to twist tang off. For sparkplug and large fine thread inserts, use long nose pliers and pull tang out.

What are the key features?

• Size

• Thread length

• Locking torque

What different types are there?

• Free running inserts which provide a standard female thread

• Locking inserts which provide a locking function for the female thread when the fasteners installed

Which application would you use it?

• Automotive

• Industrial Electronics

• Consumer Electronics

• Aerospace – Avionics, Engines, Airframe

• Ship Building

• Defence

• Power Generation

• Transport