Thermal Automotive Circuit Breakers

Thermal automotive circuit breakers are devices used to break the flow of current in automotive circuits, in order to protect them against a fault such as overcurrent or short circuit.

The thermal aspect of this type of circuit breaker allows for smaller overcurrents over a longer period of time, but will quickly trip the circuit for larger overcurrents. This is useful in the case of motors, as there will be a small overcurrent each time the engine is switched on for a short length of time, which should not trip the circuit.

What are thermal automotive circuit breakers used for?

Thermal automotive circuit breakers are used to protect electrical networks in most types of vehicles, including cars, vans, buses, and boats.

Types of thermal automotive circuit breakers

Thermal automotive circuit breakers all function in the same way, but they can differ according to a number of different characteristics. They can have varying current and voltage ratings, width dimensions, and numbers of poles.

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50A - - 12V - Chassis - - - Automatic 08130 Box Lug