Industrial Sockets

What are Industrial sockets?
Industrial sockets are types of plug sockets that are generally enclosed in a hard and durable material such as PVC
How do they work?
Much like any typical plug socket or extension, the industrial socket is usually mounted in a place where it is needed to survive tough situations. Installed like any other standard socket and wired the same way, these durable alternatives are great for high risk environments.
Features and benefits:
• Enclosed units are resistant to water, chemicals and physical damage
• Flaps over sockets protect from water, dust and other contaminants
• Fusing behind transparent covers (models vary)
• Multi-socket models available to suit various power needs
• Self-extinguishing materials in some models
Where might I use one?
• Industrial applications such as factories or warehouses
• Restaurants where wash downs are required during cleaning procedures
• Your own home (garage, garden area)

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