Clamp & Vice Accessories

When using a clamp or vice the most important thing is to keep the subject firmly in place. This can be done through a number of accessories which can be found within the range at RS Components. These accessories can range from magnetic bases to replacement jaws needed to carry out the necessary tasks such as drilling, filing, sawing and screwing together different pieces. Accessories can be utilised when there has been sustained use or adaptations need to be made to carry your work.

What are the different types of accessories?

  • Replacement Vice Jaws

  • Mounting bases

  • Jaw Grips

  • Foot Spindles

What is the best way to utilise these accessories?

Replacement Vice Jaws

These replacement jaws can be used on all mechanic, engineers vices. After sustained usage, the jaws of vice will get worn down or become uneven and once the jaws become smooth it's time to replace them. Jaws of metalworking vices will need replacing, this isn't the case for woodworking and hand vices don't have this feature.

Mounting bases

A vice base can be used to fix the vice head to a secure surface such as a workbench. There are many base varieties from fixed, vacuum and magnetic, that allows you to have a personalised approach to how you would like your vice fixed. Vacuum bases can make your vice portable to mount the vice to any smooth work surface quickly through suction. Magnetic bases are great if you don't want to mount your vice permanently located in one location and be relocation easily.

Jaw Grips

Made from plastic, jaw grips have been designed to sit over the vice jaws whilst providing the protection and grip without damaging the subject. These can also be called soft inserts, fibre grips and are ideal to protect fragile components.

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RS庫存編號 412-1842
Plastic Jaw -
RS庫存編號 834-8218
製造零件編號9-255 ESD
Angular Adapter SPANNFIX Vices
RS庫存編號 834-8246
Bench Mounted Base Small SPANNFIX Vices
RS庫存編號 473-0783
Bench mounted base -
RS庫存編號 638-8233
Universal screw-on plate Engineers Vice
RS庫存編號 834-8209
製造零件編號9-206-50 ESD
ESD Replacement Jaws SPANNFIX ESD Vices