Actuator Switches

Actuator switches are a type of mechanical component found on a switch that are used to manually turn a circuit on and off.

What are actuator switches used for?

In electronic engineering, actuators are a subdivision of current transducers They transform an input signal (mainly an electrical signal) into some form of motion. Some examples of where actuator switches can be used include: electric motors, comb drives, hydraulic cylinders, stepper motors and screw jacks.

Types of actuator switches

Rocker switches

There are two main types of rocker switches, momentary and non-momentary. Momentary switches require the user to hold down the switch in order to maintain the connection while non-momentary require the user to press the switch once to start and once to stop.

Visi-Rocker switches

A Visi-Rocker is a double injection curved type of rocker actuator. Visi-rocker switches are ideal for using with lighting because they allow for a vivid, unlighted indication of an on/off status.

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