Direct to Air Heat Pumps

Direct to air heat pumps are compact cooling devices that can be used to cool down objects through conduction ('direct to air') rather than convection ('air to air'). In the simplest terms, heat pumps use energy to extract heat from one location and release it in another location. They're found in electronics cabinets, medical instrumentation, industrial automation, laser cooling and analytical diagnostics. They're also commonly found in cooling systems in the food and beverage industries.

How do direct to air heat pumps work?

The objects to be cooled are mounted onto the metallic plate at the 'cold side' of the direct to air heat pump. From here, heat is pumped by thermoelectric modules and released into the environment through the use of heat sinks and highly efficient DC fans at the 'hot side'.

What are the different types of air heat pumps?

Direct-to-air pumps are available in a variety of cooling power outputs and in either 12V or 24V. Moisture protection options are available. Their many qualities include compact design, reliable long running, excellent temperature control and efficient power use.

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Description Price Maximum Cooling Power Maximum Ambient Temperature Supply Voltage
RS庫存編號 158-512
21W +50°C 6 → 12 V dc
RS庫存編號 158-528
50W +50°C 6 → 12 V dc
RS庫存編號 158-506
30W +47°C 6 → 12 V dc