Car Bulbs

Car bulbs are incandescent (emitting light as a result of being heated) lamps used primarily in vehicle headlights. Car bulbs work in the same way as incandescent lamps, except for the halogen cycle; they have a longer life than traditional incandescent lamps. Why are halogen headlights a good choice?When driving at night, it is important that the headlights are correct so it makes driving simpler. Many drivers are inclining towards halogen bulbs because they tend to have a capacity of offering more illumination. Good headlights make a huge difference when driving at night. They are cheap and easy to replace in the event of a failure that's why halogen car bulbs are a favourite option for drivers. How do car bulbs work?Car bulbs are made of a glass envelope, a tungsten filament, plus a gas, usually a combination of inert gas and a small amount of halogen such as iodine. Once the filament receives electricity from the cars battery, it heats up and starts to glow, creating a visible light. The combination of the filament and the halogen gas produces a chemical reaction that increases light output.Types of car bulbsCar bulbs come in a number of different sizes, which makes it possible for them to be installed on most car models. They are also dimmable, allowing manufacturers to build multiple versions, depending on vehicle body type and dimensions.What is the difference between Halogen and Xenon Headlights?Xenon headlights comparing to halogen produce clean and white light which is similar to halogen, however many xenon headlights are brighter. The other difference is cost. Xenon headlight bulbs cost more typically. Another thing to consider before fitting those lights in is that they can cause a glare that is distracting to other drivers.

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Description Price ECE Category Wattage Lamp Base Life Hours Series Light Colour Voltage Rating
RS庫存編號 579-146
H3 55 W PK22s 225h - Clear 12 V
RS庫存編號 579-130
H1 55 W P14.5s 225h - Clear 12 V
RS庫存編號 792-4262
1 包 2 套
H4 60 W P43t 700h ULTRALIFE Clear 12 V