GLS Incandescent Light Bulbs

GLS (general lamp shape) incandescent light bulbs are classically shaped incandescent light bulbs used in lighting appliances in commercial and industrial settings. They also come in rough-service, shock-resistant and durable designs for outdoor use.

How do GLS incandescent light bulbs work?

GLS incandescent light bulbs are the traditional style of light bulbs, typically with a pear-shaped glass bulb (although other shapes are available) and a filament inside. An electric current is passed through the filament, which heats up and produces light. Because the filament is so thin, it heats up very quickly, which gives GLS incandescent bulbs their characteristic quick response to being switched on.

Types of GLS incandescent light bulbs

You can choose from range of sizes and shapes, including candle- and globe-shaped designs, and finishes that offer coloured light or different colour temperatures. You can also select from dimmable designs or various wattages (the operating power of the light bulb) for varying levels of brightness.

There are also a variety of bases, differentiated by a number and letter system, depending on the particular fitting the light bulb needs to work with.

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Description Price Wattage Lamp Base Lamp Shape Voltage Rating Lamp Finish Diameter Length Life Hours EU Energy Efficiency Rating
RS庫存編號 570-846
/個 (每包:10個)
25 W SES/E14 Pygmy 230 V ac Clear 29mm 68 mm - E
RS庫存編號 789-7918
60 W ES / E27 Bulb 50 V Clear 60mm 107.5 mm 1000h -
RS庫存編號 818-8195
/個 (每包:10個)
25 W B22d GLS 240 V Colored 50mm 88.5 mm 1000h E