Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting and enclosure lighting are discreet light fittings that provide targeted illumination within and enclosed area. Cabinet lighting brings a touch of class as well usable practically to kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, book cases and wardrobe. Enclosure lighting illuminate work areas where visibility is vital during installation or maintenance work.

Types of cabinet lighting

We offer a wide range of cabinet lights to suit your application from strip lights that illuminate a wide area, downlights and spotlights for focused lighting and PIR enclosure lights that turns on when motion is detected.
With a wide range of lamp types such as LED, fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs RS has the cabinet lighting to achieve your required look and feel.

What are the benefits of cabinet lighting?

Cabinet lights are ideal to achieve that bespoke classy look. You can turn your glass panel door cabinets into a real feature at a flick of a switch or install LED under cabinet lighting to create a mood setting during meal times.

The right lighting can completely transform a shopper’s experience, welcoming customers into a store. It is important to get the right lighting, from spotlights, bulbs and energy efficient LEDs.

Basic terms explained

  • LED = Light emitting diode; a brighter, more efficient and cost less to run and produces less heat

  • Lumens = quantity of light or total light output, the more lumens the brighter the light

  • Colour temperature, if your light has 5000 kelvin or higher the colour is more blue and white but if it’s lower between 3000 and 5000 kelvin the colour is more yellow

Why is lighting important?

Lighting becomes very important if you presenting object in its true form and require a uniformed light distribution. Lighting can be the difference between a good space and a fantastic space.

Are they easy to install?

Cabinet lights are relatively easy to install and can be carried out by an accomplished DIY enthusiast, however an approved electrical engineer should always be the preferred option.


Cabinet lights are the ideal solution to create the ambiance required in shops, kitchen and bathroom. Create the perfect display cabinet lighting or under cupboard lighting our range cabinet lighting or LED Strip Lights.

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Description Price Lamp Type Type Lamp Base Voltage Rating Length Width Depth Dimensions Diameter Wattage Colour Temperature Cut-out Size Light Colour Dimmable
RS庫存編號 122-7994
LED Downlight - 240 V - - 113 mm 216 (Dia.) x 113 mm 216mm 22 W 3000K 200mm Warm White Yes
RS庫存編號 122-7999
LED Downlight - 240 V - - 103 mm 166 (Dia.) x 103 mm 166mm 11 W 4000K 150mm Neutral White -
RS庫存編號 122-8003
LED Downlight - 240 V - - 103 mm 166 (Dia.) x 103 mm 166mm 11 W 4000K 150mm Neutral White -