Low Bay & High Bay Lighting

High Bay

High bay light fixture is used in high buildings (approx. 8 m or higher) to provide distributed and uniformed light for open areas. The key element of the fitting which helps guarantee the correct light output is the reflectors and optics used by the fitting. High bay light fixture needs to be able to light vertical surfaces and it illuminating the floor. Vertical illumination is important when dealing with warehouses where items are required to be picked from a shelf. You can find more information in our High Bay Lighting Guide.

Low Bay

Low bay light fixture provides the ideal illumination for commercial and industrial environments. They benefit from buildings that are designed for buildings with high ceilings, where mounting heights are below approximately six metres. Areas such as factories, warehouses, hangars and gymnasiums are prime locations for low bay light fixture.

Designed to provide bright lighting from higher ceiling positions. This is important when dealing in warehouse where items are required to be picked from shelf.

Make up of High/Low bay light fixture

Constructed from strong, long lasting materials such as polycarbonate and steel, you can ensure that low bay light fixture can withstand commercial and industrial environments. For increased protection the fitting can be coupled with a reinforced glass cover or a wire guard.

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High Bay LED 85 W 240 V Yes Yes 382 (Dia.) mm 141 mm - - BY120P G3 -