Wall Lights

Wall lights are designed to bring a touch of style as well usable practically to office space, living rooms, bathrooms and shops

Types of wall lights

We offer a range of modern wall lights to suit your application from halogen, led wall lights, solar wall lights and wall uplighters all with a choice of wattage to achieve the required look and feel indoor or outdoor.

Type of finish?

Our range of finish include brushed aluminium, brass, copper and chrome.

What are the benefits of wall lights?

Wall lights are ideal to achieve that bespoke classy look. You can turn your office, living or shop into a real feature at a flick of a switch. The right lighting can completely transform interior/ exterior decoration, welcoming customers into a store. It is important to get the right lighting, from spotlights, bulbs and energy efficient LEDs.

Are they dimmable?

Wall lights can be dimmed, it all depends on the bulb for example halogen bulbs can be dimmed with a dimmer switch


Why is lighting important?

Lighting becomes very important if you presenting an object in its true form and require a uniformed light distribution. Lighting can be the difference between a good space and a fantastic space.

Are they easy to install?

Wall lights are relatively easy to install and can be carried out by an accomplished DIY enthusiast, however an approved electrical engineer should always be the preferred option.


Wall lights are the ideal solution to create the ambiance required in shops, kitchen and bathroom. Create the perfect space with our range wall lights.

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Description Price Lamp Type Type Lamp Base Depth Dimensions Diameter Wattage Colour Temperature Light Colour Current Rating EU Energy Efficiency Rating Finish Lamp Supplied Series
RS庫存編號 127-1368
Halogen, LED Adjustable Wall Light GU10 163 mm 63 (Dia.) x 163 mm 63mm 35 W - - - - Copper - WALL
RS庫存編號 127-1364
LED Adjustable Wall Light - 135 mm 49 (Dia.) x 135 mm 49mm 2 x 3 W 3500K White 63 mA A Brushed Chrome Yes LWALL
RS庫存編號 127-1367
Halogen, LED Up/Down Wall Light GU10 162 mm 60 (Dia.) x 162 mm 60mm 35 W - - - - Copper - WALL
RS庫存編號 127-1365
LED Adjustable Wall Light - 81 mm 49 (Dia.) x 81 mm 49mm 3 W 3500K White 14 mA A Brushed Chrome Yes LWALL