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Induction Loop Testers & Meters

Non-hearing aid users can use an induction loop tester to assess the quality of an induction loop system in a hearing aid set. They can also be used in translation systems, museum tour guides and theatre talk-back systems.

How do induction loop testers work?

Induction loop testers have a dual inductor system to help reduce the background noise from fluorescent tubes and computer monitors. The audio response is flat from 100Hz to 13kHz, enabling the installer to assess background noise with the loop system deactivated.

Note: Headphone impedance should not be greater than 32Ω. Most units will not operate correctly using 600Ω types.

What is an induction loop system?

Induction loop kits help hearing-impaired people who use a hearing aid or loop listener to hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise. In addition, more than one person can benefit from a loop as long as they each have a hearing aid or a loop listener.