Keyboard Drawers

Keyboard drawers are a support system for placing your keyboard and mouse on and is one of the most important features in maintaining a healthy and ergonomic workstation.

How does it work?
A keyboard tray can easily be attached to your work surface. It sits underneath your desk and promotes an ergonomic posture that allows you to type and use your mouse more comfortably.
This can be done by moving the keyboard tray in and out, as well as backwards and forwards and having the option to tilt the platform.
Many mouse platforms can also be positioned on the left or the right hand side of the keyboard, depending on personal requirements.

Features and Benefits
• Improves worker comfort
• Helps support and maintain a good posture.
• Prevents injury through hunching or stretching
• Easily adjustable to the correct height
• Saves workspace by moving the keyboard and mouse off the desktop.
• Promotes a tidy and uncluttered workspace.
Where are keyboard drawers used?
• Offices or a workplace environment
• Home
• Areas where space is limited but a computer is needed

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