Rotary Business Card Holders

Rotary business card holders ensure that your contacts are kept tidy and within arm’s reach. Their rotary shape gives you 360-degree access to your business cards, which fit snugly into the holders’ sleeves.

What are rotary business card holders used for?

Rotary business card holders provide a quick and convenient way to keep track of your contacts. Although mobile phones are increasingly used to store personal contact lists, these business card holders provide a convenient physical alternative, with all the details on any one business card available at a glance. They are suitable for the workplace as well as the home.

Types of rotary business card holders

Different types of rotary business card holders tend to offer a similar range of functions. A common feature is a special rotation mechanism that holds a single card in place for easy viewing. Other features commonly found in rotary business card holders include transparent card sleeves and alphabetical index dividers for ease of use.

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