Hand Held Wired Microphones

Hand-held wired microphones are used to amplify sound at presentations, performances and other live events. They need to be plugged into an item of audio equipment.

What are hand-held wired microphones used for?

Hand-held wired microphones are used to provide clear sound amplification at live and recorded events. They might be used during speeches, vocal performances and instrumental performances. An alternative is a hand held wireless microphone, which functions in the same way but allows the user to move around unimpeded.

Types of hand-held wired microphones

Hand-held wired microphones are designed for different uses. For instance, certain microphones are best suited for recording vocals, instruments, or ordinary speech. The right microphone can play a decisive role in the audience’s perception of a speech or performance.

A common type of microphone is the unidirectional microphone. This type of microphone is primarily sensitive to sounds from a single direction. The cardioid microphone is the most common unidirectional microphone. Its name is derived from its heart-shaped sensitivity pattern (hence, 'cardioid'). Cardioid microphones are commonly used as vocal or speech microphones, as they are excellent at rejecting sounds coming from other directions.

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Description Price Directionality/Polar Pattern Frequency Response Maximum Sound Pressure Level Impedance Sensitivity Connector Length Weight Head Diameter Maximum Frequency Response Minimum Frequency Response Cable Included On/Off Switch Type
RS庫存編號 883-7718
Cardioid 50 Hz to 16 kHz 94dB 150Ω -55dBV/Pa 3-Pin Professional Audio (XLR) 4.6m 294g - 16000 Hz 50 Hz Yes Yes Dynamic
RS庫存編號 352-2698
Unidirectional 70 Hz → 14 kHz - 500Ω -75dB 6.3 mm Mono Plug 208mm - 54mm 14 kHz 70 Hz Yes Yes Dynamic