Hanging Microphones

Hanging microphones are a type of microphone that are typically hung from a high place such as a ceiling or structural support.How do they work?By using a long cable you attach the microphone at a desired height in places of importance. The microphone operates as any other normal device in that it is connected up to a speaker system and plays out any receiving audio.Features and benefits: Integrated wire aiming hanger for easy to attach operation High quality sound reinforcement Rugged housing surrounds the microphone element White and black colours available High sensitivity output Low distortion ratesWhere might I use one? A choir or orchestra Stages Festivals Parties Award ceremonies Graduation events in schools or universities

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Description Price Directionality/Polar Pattern Frequency Response Maximum Sound Pressure Level Impedance Sensitivity Length Head Diameter Weight Cable Included Connector Maximum Frequency Response Minimum Frequency Response Type
RS庫存編號 819-9482
Cardioid 70 → 16000 Hz 120dB 180Ω -33dBV/Pa 55mm 15mm 133g Yes XLR 16 kHz 70 Hz Condenser
RS庫存編號 522-806
Unidirectional 70 Hz → 16 kHz 134dB 100Ω -37dB 56.9mm 12mm 15g Yes XLR 16 kHz 70 Hz Condenser