Capacitor Sample Kits

Capacitor sample kits include a range of different types and specifications of capacitors. A capacitor is a component used to store electric charge.

What are capacitor sample kits used for?

Sometimes you may need several different types of capacitors in your build, or your design may change. Capacitor sample kits provide you with an assortment of capacitor types, and a variety of different rated capacitors, allowing you to have the correct capacitor on hand when needed.

Capacitor sample kits also allow you to trial suitable capacitors and experiment with different component layouts.

Types of capacitor sample kits

Capacitor sample kits can include ceramic capacitors, niobium oxide capacitors and tantalum capacitors. The number of items in a kit can range from a few pieces up to thousands of different capacitors. The voltages of the capacitors in the capacitor sample kits also vary from a couple of volts to more than a thousand volts, providing flexibility and choice for your projects and applications.

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Description Price Kit Includes Number of Pieces Mounting Type Automotive Standard Capacitance Range Dielectric Material Maximum Capacitance Maximum Voltage Minimum Capacitance Minimum Voltage Polarised Voltage Range
RS庫存編號 182-9888
製造零件編號AMZ Series KIT
整套:1 個
- 58 Through Hole - 100 pF → 0.15 μF Polyester 0.15µF 400V dc 100pF 50V dc - 50 → 400V dc
RS庫存編號 182-9889
製造零件編號MMT Series KIT
整套:1 個
- 54 Through Hole - 0.01 → 3.3µF Polyester 3.3µF 250V dc 0.01µF 50V dc - 50 → 250V dc