Polystyrene Film Capacitors

Polystyrene film capacitors are used for applications where high reliability and precision is required. All film capacitors use a thin plastic film as the dielectric (or insulator), but what separates each capacitor type is the material used as the dielectric. Polystyrene film capacitors use an aluminium foil electrode and a highly effective polystyrene dielectric.

What are Polystyrene film capacitors made of?

Polystyrene film capacitors are tubular in shape, as their dielectric sandwich is rolled together. They are generally only available as leaded electronics components and in a through-hole package. They are physically smaller than other capacitor types, perfect for environments with limited space.

What are polystyrene film capacitors used for?

Polystyrene film capacitors are highly rated because of their excellent temperature stability, high insulation, low leakage and low dielectric absorption. Due to their ideal electrical characteristics they are used in a wide range of applications, such as audio, feedback networks, equalisation circuits and digital computing circuits. Polystyrene film capacitors can be used as an alternative to ceramic capacitors.

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