Ferrite Tiles

Ferrite tiles, or amorphous magnetic seating, consist of thin sheets of ferrite – a ceramic-like material with magnetic properties. Ferrite tiles are useful in many types of electronic devices, such as transformers and inductors and act as absorbers of electromagnetic radiation and suppress noise.

Why should I use ferrite tiles?

Ferrite tiles work by absorbing electromagnetic radiation and utilising magnetic resonance loss. They're low cost, being made of mostly rusted iron (iron oxide), and are resistant to corrosion. Other features and benefits of these tiles include:

  • They are stable, hard and difficult to demagnetise.
  • They can be made with both high and low coercive forces.
  • They have a high magnetic permeability and high electrical resistance.
  • They are flexible and easy to handle.

Applications of ferrite tiles

Ferrite tiles can used as a highly permeable thin magnetic core for inductors or transformers, or as shielding against leakage from coils of magnetic parts. They can also be used for applications where high noise suppression is needed in a broad frequency range.

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