Resistor Sample Kits

Resistor sample kits contain various combinations of resistors for use in electrical circuit designs. These kits are versatile to accommodate a variety of electronic application set-ups and board prototyping.

The resistors in in resistor sample kits can be made of different materials, including carbon film, metal film, metal foil or metal oxide. Special sample kits may contain either thick-film or thin-film products customised for specific uses.

What are resistor sample kits used for?

These kits are useful in numerous applications in designing, constructing or repairing electronic devices. Resistors are used a wide variety products like phone headsets, power supplies, barcode scanners, plasma televisions, control systems and stereo equipment.

Types of resistor sample kits

Resistors contained in these sample kits are often categorised by mounting type, such as axial, through hole, panel mount or surface mount

Another consideration when choosing a kit is to look at the resistor value ranges, usually indicated via colour coding charts on the packaging of the kits.

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Description Price Mounting Type Number of Values Resistance Range Automotive Standard Technology Series Number of Pieces Maximum Power Rating Power Rating Range Resistance Tolerance
RS庫存編號 864-4033
整套:1 個
Surface Mount 122 10 Ω to 1 MΩ AEC-Q200 Thick Film ERJ3EK 12200 - - ±1%
RS庫存編號 864-4030
整套:1 個
Surface Mount 122 10 Ω to 1 MΩ AEC-Q200 Thick Film ERJ2RK 24400 - - ±0.5%
RS庫存編號 864-4037
整套:1 個
Surface Mount 133 10 Ω to 2.2 MΩ AEC-Q200 Thick Film ERJ6EN 13300 - - ±1%