Surface Mount Fixed Resistors

Surface mount fixed resistors are used to reduce the flow of electrical current in circuits. They work to a fixed value that cannot be adjusted.

What are surface mount fixed resistors used for?

Due to their compact size and features that allow for easy soldering, surface mount fixed resistors are suitable for smaller circuit boards and prototype designs with limited board space.

Surface mount fixed resistors are mostly used for the mass production of electronic equipment, particularly mobile phones and televisions. They are also found in commercial telecoms equipment and advanced technology research instruments.

Types of surface mount fixed resistors

Thousands of types of surface mount fixed resistors are available. The option you choose will depend on considerations like:

  • The power rating of the circuit – surface mount fixed resistors can only handle relatively small levels of current compared other types of resistors (for instance through hole resistors).
  • The resistors' tolerance values –surface mount fixed resistors have relatively close ranges, for example 1% or 2%, but as low as 0.1% in specialist applications.

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Description Price Resistance Package/Case Technology Tolerance Power Rating Temperature Coefficient Automotive Standard Dimensions Length Depth Height Series Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 176-5124
製造零件編號LVS3 0,1 OHMS +-5%
100 mΩ - - ±5% 3W ±15ppm/°C - 12.7 x 6.35 x 6.35mm 12.7mm 6.35mm 6.35mm LVS3 -65°C +275°C