Sinusoidal Filters

Sinusoidal filters are passive components used to provide electrical circuits with the correct frequencies to ensure optimal performance. These elements, also called sine wave filters, are low pass devices which means they let low-frequency signals pass but block or impede high-frequency signals.

Circuits requiring longer cables usually have sinusoidal filters to convert rectangular pulse width modulation (PWM) signals into smooth wave voltage. This will prevent premature circuit damage and prolong the lifespan of AC motor drives by reducing stress on the motor's insulation.

What are sinusoidal filters used for?

Sinusoidal filters protect motor windings and bearings from damage due to voltage spikes, cable stripping, current loss and overheating.

These filters are used in equipment such as pumps, ventilators, conveyors, compressors, elevators and cranes.

Types of sinusoidal filters

Enclosed or open panel versions exist:

  • Enclosed filters come in pre-packed boxes and can be installed onsite for immediate use without any adjustments, mounting or wiring needed.
  • Open panel filters are assembled leaving the back panel accessible for the user to mount and wire as preferred.

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