Stainless Steel Solder Fittings

Solder fittings, also known as capillary fittings, are short sections of smooth pipe designed to slide over the outside of the mating tube. Solder wire is fed then around the edge of the fitting and heated to seal it. Stainless steel solder fittings benefit from the metals strength, resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning.

What are stainless steel solder fittings used for?

Stainless steel solder fittings are used in many industries, including those which require pipes and fittings to transport and come in contact with food, beverages, or other products, and thus have strict hygiene practices. These include the food, dairy, brewing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Types of stainless steel solder fittings

Elbow fittings are fittings that produce curves at specific degrees (such as 90- and 45-degree curves) depending on the model.

Tee fittings are T-shaped, and are designed to connect three pipes.

Straight fittings are available in several different forms. Some serve as connectors for two adjacent pipes, but others are end caps that are attached to the end of a single pipe.

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RS庫存編號 918-6327
Straight - 38.1mm
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/個 (每包:10個)
Straight - 23mm