Twist Link Belting

Twist link belting is a method of providing power transmission between components of a pneumatic or hydraulic system, usually by connecting and driving wheels. It is composed of a number of links attached together into a long belt. This means it it can be adjusted easily by removing one or more links to shorten the belt to the desired size.

What are the advantages of twist link belting?

The main advantage of this type of connection is that it is very easy to install, and does not require the use of any additional tools. It is also useful as an emergency replacement for other types of belts, such as round polyurethane belts. It is easy to adjust its length, and it is resistant to many materials including water, oils, and the majority of basic industrial solvents and chemicals.

Types of twist link belting

Twist link belting can come in a number of different colours, materials and lengths. It is best to purchase a belt longer than needed, as it can be easily shortened down to the correct size.

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Description Price Belt Section Width Length Material Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 679-713
毎卷:5 米
Z 11mm 5m PET, PUR +100°C -40°C
RS庫存編號 679-729
毎卷:5 米
A 13mm 5m PET, PUR +100°C -40°C