Roller Chains

What is it?
Roller chain also known as a bush roller is a type of chain drive frequently employed in the transmission of mechanical power in any number of machines, including agricultural and industrial machinery such as conveyors, printing presses and tube-drawing and wire-drawing machines, motorbikes, bicycles and cars.

How does it work?
The chain is driven by a wheel with teeth referred to as a sprocket. The system provides a simple, efficient and reliable method of power transmission.

What different types are there?
• Simplex Roller Chain Links
• Duplex Roller Chain Links
• Triplex Chain Links

Where would you use it?
• Food Industry
• Mining
• Automotive industry
• Warehouse and Distribution
• Agriculture
• Forestry

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Description Price Number of Strands Chain Type Length Pitch Plate Height Roller Diameter Chain Width Overall Width Standard Material Weight
RS庫存編號 660-6828
1 盒 10 米
Simplex - 10m - - - - - - Zinc Plated Steel 220kg