Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters

Non-isolated DC-DC converters are electronic devices that convert a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. They are a type of electric power converter. Isolated DC-DC converters are based on the same principle of operation, but keep the input and output electrically isolated by a transformer. This allows for different voltages between inputs and outputs, much more considerable than with non-isolated ones.

What are non-isolated DC-DC converters used for?

DC-DC converters are used in portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops, which are primarily supplied with power from batteries. Non-isolated DC-DC converters increase voltage from a partially lowered battery voltage, thereby saving space instead of using multiple batteries. Most DC-DC converter circuits also regulate the output voltage.

Types of non-isolated DC - DC converters

Non-isolated DC-DC converters have different protection features for your devices. They can ensure current limit, over current and over temperature protection. Many of them guarantee over voltage and under voltage protection, and prevent short circuits. Some of them have very high efficiency (up to 95%) which means that they do not require heatsinks or fans.

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Description Price Input Voltage Range Input Voltage Nominal Output Voltage Output Current Power Rating Mounting Type Number of Outputs Length Width Depth Efficiency Package Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature
RS庫存編號 891-3409
20 → 72 V dc - 48V dc 600mA 30W Chassis Mount, DIN Rail Mount 1 120mm 65mm 33mm - - -25°C +65°C
RS庫存編號 891-3402
20 → 72 V dc - -15V dc, 15 V dc 800mA 30W Chassis Mount, DIN Rail Mount 2 120mm 65mm 33mm - - -25°C +65°C
RS庫存編號 891-3399
20 → 72 V dc - 24V dc 1.3A 30W Chassis Mount, DIN Rail Mount 1 120mm 65mm 33mm - - -25°C +65°C