AC/DC Adapters

A plug in power supply is an electrical device that takes input power from a mains power supply and converts or derives the right current, frequency and voltage to power the component it's attached to. Main power supplies provide power to devices that run on batteries or have no other power source. These are suitable for applications such as chargers, set-top boxes, motor control and other office automation products.
A plug in power supply resides outside the main unit, unlike a computer power supply which is internal.

Types of plug in power supplies
Plug in power supplies are available as switched mode, linear and universal types and including single fixed voltage, selectable voltage, AC/AC or AC/DC mains power and other variable outputs.

AC/DC Adapters (also known as AC Adaptors or AC/DC converters)
An AC adapter is made up of a central unit which draws power from an AC outlet, it then converts the power to DC that is used to charge the device. Each AC adapter has a specific power rating, measured in volts or watts that it can handle and the output of a device. Because of the power rating and the type of plug on the end, an AC adapter is not universal and can only be used with devices with the same requirements and connector.

AC stands for alternating current and comes from the wall (input), anything that plugs straight in is AC, if it requires an adapter it will convert either AC to a lower AC voltage or AC to DC.

DC stands for direct current and flows in one direction, AC flows back and forth, polarity shows which direction it moves.

International Plug Power Supplies
Some plug in power supplies come with interchangeable input connectors that you can swap when traveling to areas with different plug types such as the United Kingdom, USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. They may also come with protection features such as short circuit, over voltage and overload to suit the international safety approvals making them ideal for a the global marketplace.

Are all AC/DC Adapters the same?
It is possible to use a power adapter on different devices, but it’s important to check whether it’s AC or DC output. Using close to, if not exactly the correct voltage and Amperage. If you're unsure it might be worth investing in a universal power adapter with lots of different plug fittings.

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Description Price Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Plug Type Regulated/Unregulated Input Connector Output Connector Power Rating Type Number of Outputs Length Cable Length Ripple And Noise Medical Approved
RS庫存編號 103-4302
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90 → 264V ac 5.1 V 2.5A - - Socket Micro USB 13W Universal 1 73.2mm 1.5m <120mV -
RS庫存編號 909-8135
90 → 264V ac 5.1 V 2.5A - - Socket Micro USB 13W Power Supply 1 73.2mm 1.5m <120mV -
RS庫存編號 822-6373
90 → 264V ac 5 V dc 2A European Plug - Aus Changeable Heads, Euro Plugtop, UK Plugtop Micro USB 10W Power Supply 1 36mm 1.5m 300mV Pk-Pk -
RS庫存編號 123-5272
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90 → 264V ac 5.1 V 2.5A European Plug - Socket Micro USB 13W Power Supply 1 73.2mm 1.5m <120mV -
RS庫存編號 182-5739
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90 → 264V ac 5.2 V dc 2.5A 2-Pin Euro - 2-Pin - 13W - 1 82.4mm 1.5m 120mV Pk-Pk -