Lathe Tools & Kits

Lathe Tools & Kits will help with a variety of engineering processes including cutting, shaping, turning (rotating a workpiece to cut away unwanted material) and boring (making holes with revolving tools). All these processes usually require a turning machine or lathe, a workpiece and some lathe tools.

The benefits of Lathe Tools & Kits

With a lathe Lathe Tools & Kits, you'll have the tools you need to cut or shape a variety of materials including metal, plastic and wood. Lathe toolsets are also suitable for finishing and smoothing your project, whether it be in steel, cast iron or superalloys.

Types of Lathe Tools & Kits

You can choose from a range of Lathe Tools & Kits including:

  • Parting kits- with a holder and graded inserts for radial parting and grooving applications.

  • Toolsets - with a roughing tool, finishing tool, parting-off tool, boring tool, external threading tool and internal threading tool.

You may also be looking for:

  • Lathe parting off blades

  • Lathe Parting off blocks

  • Lathe Threading Holders and Bars

  • Boring Bars

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