Anti-Spatter Sprays

Anti-Spatter sprays are unique release agents that prevent the spatter adhesion typically found on surfaces on such areas as welding equipment.

How do they work?

They produce a quick and easy adherence of spatter on metal surfaces (usually occurs in welding) and helps prevent the need for chiselling or wire brushing after you have welded. Because of the high intensity of welding, spatter occurs naturally. These sprays will help prevent obstructions within your welding equipment.

What are the benefits of Anti-Spatter sprays?

  • Long term anti-adherent effects

  • Extend your nozzle life you

  • Non-flammable variants available

  • Odourless versions available

  • Fine spray patterns to ensure you total control whilst maintaining an economical coverage

  • Allows post welding, painting and galvanising

  • Rust inhibitors available

  • Some of the aerosols have 360 degrees coverage (even upside down) to ensure you can reach those tricky spots

Where might I use Anti-Spray Matter?

  • Auto/semi-auto welding Torches

  • Nozzles and shrouds

  • Jigs

  • Welding roots

Typical industry uses:

  • Automotive (Manufacturing and repair)

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Office furniture

  • Shipbuilding

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