Relay Covers

Relay covers are protective devices that help to reduce the chance of damage or accidental contact with the terminals or wiring in a relay.

How do relay covers work?

Relay covers prevent dirt and dust as well as other unwanted materials from getting into the relay. They are easy to install and also provide access for replacement, rewiring or any other maintenance activities.

Most relay covers are made of plastic and are designed to keep the relay dry and well ventilated to reduce the chances of temperatures exceeding recommended levels. Some covers have access holes for test instrumentation.

Most relays are available in different operating voltages and current options so relay covers also have voltage and current ratings to indicate when they are safe for use.

What are relay covers used for?

Relay covers are used to cover relays used in both indoor and outdoor locations. You will find relay covers in places such as schools, offices, homesteads, hospitals and studios.

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