ESD-Safe Tools

ESD (electro-static discharge) safe tools are tools that are designed to prevent any excess electrostatic discharge that might damage equipment. This is usually achieved by manufacturing the grips with anti-static technology, which dissipates static build up.

What are ESD safe tools used for?

ESD safe tools fulfil all the same purposes as regular tools, such as cutting, twisting and threading. The main difference is that tools that are ESD safe can be used in clean rooms (rooms used to store equipment that might be damaged by contaminants such as dirt, debris, and ESD). The type of equipment that might be damaged by ESD includes certain kinds of semiconductor, like digital transistors.

Types of ESD safe tools

ESD safe tools can encompass a whole range of tools used for different purposes, including cutters, pliers and threaders. The tools themselves can serve a range of purposes, but they have in common the fact that their grips and accessories are ESD safe, which can be achieved by using a number of different types of materials.

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