First Aid Kits

A first aid kit is a combination of medical provisions that are used in basic medical treatment, after an illness or injury. The contents of the kit may vary depending on your needs, but you will often find bandages, plasters or dressings within the kit. Items are sealed and sterile where necessary.
First aid kits are universally recognised as being green with a white cross but come in other colours, such as red for Burns Kits. First aid kits come in different sizes and can be either portable or fixed upon a wall in the workplace or at home.
There are different cases available for first aid kits, such as bags and pouches carry cases and wall-mounted cases.

First Aid Kit Types:
Burns Kits
First Aid Kits
Eyewash Station
Fire Extinguishers Kits
Types of First Aid Supplies
First aid kits come with supplies included. However, when these run out they can be purchased separately to replace those items. Examples of first aid supplies include:
Adhesive tape
Emergency Blankets
Disposable gloves
Sterile Dressings
Eye pads
Safety pins
Antiseptic Wipes

Why buy a First Aid Kit?
The first aid kit is designed for first response which may or may not be life-threatening. First aiders are there to offer basic first aid where emergency response is on the way to treat a patient. It may be used to treat minor injuries like cuts or abrasions, but it a lot of cases it can be used to help prolong a life before paramedics arrive.

Where to keep your First Aid Kit?
Consider keeping a first aid box in your car or at home. This can be used in emergencies or to help others when needed. Usually, you find them at places of work or in public buildings. Specialist types of first aid kits, like burn kits, are very useful in kitchens or even the home to treat superficial burns.

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Description Price Maximum Persons Served Kit Type Case Type Food Compatible Kit/Refill Contents Case Material Depth Height Width
RS庫存編號 447-737
- First Aid Kit Carrying Case - Bandage, Cotton Bud, Disposable Gloves, Eyewash, First Aid Guide, Plastic Magnifier, Safe Face Resuscitation, Safety Pins, Scissors, Splinter Probe, Waste Bag - 65 mm 130 mm 200mm
RS庫存編號 447-610
25 First Aid Kit Carrying Case - Adhesive Tape, Blanket, Disposable Gloves, Eye Pad, Face Shield, First Aid Guide, Forceps, Pen, Safety Pins, Saline, Scissors, Splinter Probe, Spray, Sterile Gel, Waste Bag PP 255 mm 475 mm 260mm
RS庫存編號 447-749
- First Aid Kit Carrying Case - Bandage, Blanket, Burn Gel, Dressing, Eye Pad, Eyewash, Spray, Wipes Plastic 80 mm 170 mm 260mm