Clock Drivers & Distribution

Clock drivers and distribution devices are timing components that are used to control and distribute clock signals through an electronic circuit. A clock signal is produced by a clock generator or Crystal Oscillator. This type of signal oscillates between a high and low state. A digital circuit will use this clock signal to generate functions which have been programmed in. Clock driver and distribution components are found within many electronic circuit designs.

Types of clock devices:

  • Clock distribution circuit
  • Clock driver
  • Clock divider

Clock Inputs and Outputs

Clock driver and distributor devices have input and output signals. These signal types include:

  • CML
  • CMOS
  • ECL
  • LVDS

What is PLL?

PLL stands for phase-locked loop. PLL clock devices generate an output signal with a phase that matches its input signal. It is able to synchronise the signal and it can be used to track the input frequency. PLL clock devices are popular in radio, computer and telecommunications applications.

What is a synchronous clock device?

Synchronous circuits are essential in systems that require a consistent movement of data through them. Synchronous clock devices can be used to help control this.

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