Varactor Diodes

The Varactor Diode gets its name from the variable nature of the diode its self. It is a special type of diode designed for variable capacitance.
How do they work?
In order to achieve a specific variance in capacitance, the diode works with the different region types of a capacitor known as P-type and N-type. These types can be manipulated to give out higher depletion sizes or narrowed and decreased in size, this will give you the variable capacitance you wish out of the device.
Features and benefits:
• Very small and light weight
• Little noise from the component
• Very low cost
• Increase in a reverse bias will increase the capacitance
• Very easy to mount and replace
• High capacitance ratios
• Very low resistance
Where might I use one?
• Satellites
• TV tuners
• DVD devices
• RF Tuning
• Frequency synthesizers

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Description Price Diode Configuration Application Number of Elements per Chip Minimum Diode Capacitance Maximum Reverse Voltage Minimum Quality Factor Minimum Tuning Ratio Package Type Pin Count Tuning Ratio Test Condition Dimensions Height Length Maximum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 161-1528
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Single - 1 - 26V - - DO-214AB (SMC) 2 - 7.11 x 6.22 x 2.31mm 2.31mm 7.11mm +150 °C
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/個 (每包:5個)
Single - 1 - 26V - - DO-214AB (SMC) 2 - 7.11 x 6.22 x 2.31mm 2.31mm 7.11mm +150 °C