DC-DC Converters

DC-DC Converters are devices designed to convert a source of DC (direct current) from one voltage to another. These type of devices are commonly used in portable electronic devices or any other devices that are powered from the battery instead of the external power source. The battery of the device supply power with its own voltage that might not be suitable for all internal circuits. DC-DC converters ensure that required voltage is delivered to each circuit due to its own requirements. Converters can both increase or decrease the voltage within the system, by storing the input energy temporarily and then releasing that to the output at the different level. DC-DC converters also regulate the output voltage and maximise the energy harvest.
DC-DC converters are commonly used for:
• Photovoltaic systems
• Wind Turbines
• Portable devices
• Battery operated devices
• Vehicles Production Industry
• Electronics industry
• Military Industry
• Household devices
DC-DC converters range is very wide but generally they all can be divided into a several categories:
• Fixed installation Car Power Adapters
• Isolated DC to High Voltage DC Converters
• Isolated DC-DC Converters
• Non-Isolated DC to High Voltage Converters
• Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters
• Portable Car Power Adapters
• Switching Regulators

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-0.3 V 48 V 2.8 V 5.5 V - - Step Up 1 Adjustable Surface Mount SON 8 +85 °C -40 °C