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Push Button Complete Units

Push buttons are a type of switch mechanism, used to control certain parts of a machine or device. Complete units simplify installation and are comprised of the push button actuator, fixing collar and contact block. Push buttons can come in a variety of styles to suit a range of purposes.

Types of push button

There is a large range of industrial push buttons available, with a variety of colours, materials, and shapes depending on the intended application.

Colour - Push button colour can vary based on intended use, for example, an emergency stop may be bright red, to increase visibility in an emergency situation. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated.

Shape - Buttons are often round, with either a flush or mushroom shape, but can also be rectangular or oval to fit multiple applications.

What are push buttons used for?

Push buttons can be installed anywhere that requires manual intervention in machinery, and are perfect for both large scale industrial operations and smaller commercial applications. Typically in an industrial setting, push buttons are used to start and stop heavy machinery, and on control stations and panels used in an emergency stop scenario. Applications include automotive industries, factories, automation lines and commercial units such as warehouses.