Rotary Switch Knobs

Rotary switch knobs are control knobs that fit various types of rotary switches, encoders and shafts. They play an important role in making a device easier to control by adjusting levels. The degree of rotation applied to the switch knob corresponds to the desired input. 

How do rotary switch knobs work?

Once connected to a switch, rotary switch knobs typically work with a clockwise rotation producing an increased input. They are controlled by hand, with a scale or pointer to help achieve the right setting. Rotary switch knobs often have contoured or ridged sides for grip and ease of use.

Types of rotary switch knobs

Rotary switch knobs come in a selection of shaft diameters, making them suitable for use with a wide range of switches. Most switch knobs are made from polyester or nylon and have a brass insert for a tighter fit with the shaft. Choosing the right switch depends on the application. There are right angle, through-hole mounting and surface mount versions with press-on and set-screw attachments. They are designed with slits or lines to display the current selection on the switch and come in a selection of colours. 

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RS庫存編號 718-2364
Knob 6.35 mm Shafts
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Shaft Size Adapter 1/4in → 1/8in Potentiometer Shafts