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Touch Switches

Touch switch is a type of switch that only has to be touched with some pressure by an object to operate. Touch switch is the simplest kind of tactile sensor as they are an on/off electronic switch that is only on when there is some pressure put on it. Touch switches are used once mounted to a touchscreen panel and allow you to have a few switches for the application that you require. These switches will work when mounted behind the surface of either glass, acrylic or plastic panels allowing you to design your panel how you like with high brightness LED lighting for each switch.

As these switches are mounted on the rear of the panel, they are tamper proof and can be wiped clean making them perfect for a range of applications such as:-

• Outdoor use

• Medical equipment

• Defence systems

• Safety and alarm panels

• Audio and broadcast equipment

• Automation

Touch switches can be programmed to a high, medium and low sensitivity depending on the application they are being used in.