Flue Gas Analysers

A flue gas analyser (FGA) is a portable, digital tool used by heating engineers to measure CO, oxygen (O2), differential pressure and temperature of a fossil fuelled appliance such as a fire, hot water heater and domestic boiler. The gas analysers can also be used to measure a rooms air as long as it has been calibrated in fresh air outside the room to be tested.

Why do I need to use a FGA?

Your gas appliances mix air and fuel to create products of combustion. Using a flue gas analyser when installing, repairing or servicing all heating appliances it can alert you to any safely and efficiency issues. It can detect gases such as carbon monoxide which is an odourless, colourless and tasteless poisonous gas which can kill.

Benefits of flue gas analysers

  • Draw gases straight from a flue
  • Provides data on the screen that can stop healthy appliances from expensive and unnecessary stripping
  • Record compliance with new regulations, such as the newly issued BS7967, which covers safety aspects of carbon monoxide as well as requirements for CO: CO2 ratio parameters; and the European Design Standard EN50379, which covers portable electrical devices used to measure combustion flue gas parameters.
  • Accurate and stable pressure readings
  • Readings are taken using a single probe and the effect of any burner adjustment is shown in real time, making it easy to make any adjustments and then you can confirm the actions and document that the appliance is safe.

Readings from a FGA will vary depending on the type of appliance. It is advised to always consult manufacturers instructions.

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Description Price Carbon Monoxide Resolution Maximum Carbon Monoxide Level Maximum Operating Temperature Model Number p Weight Battery Life Battery Type Best Carbon Dioxide Accuracy Best Carbon Monoxide Accuracy Best Oxygen Level Accuracy Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy Carbon Dioxide Resolution Dimensions Height
RS庫存編號 181-0417
1ppm 60 ppm, 2000 (Nom) ppm, 4000 (For 15 min) ppm +40°C KANE255 1kg >8 h 4AA ±0.3% ±5% ±0.3% ±0.3 (External) %, ±0.3 (Flue) %, ±0.3 (Internal) % 0.1% 200 x 45 x 90mm 90mm
RS庫存編號 181-0418
1 >2000 (Purge Pump Operate) ppm, 20 ppm, 2000 (Nom) ppm +45°C KANE458 800g >8 h 4AA ±0.3% ±5% ±0.3% ±0.3 (External) %, ±0.3 (Flue) %, ±0.3 (Internal) % 0.1% 200 x 45 x 90mm 90mm