Electronic Loads

What is an electronic load?

An electronic load is a type of device used for testing a range of power supplies such as a battery, solar cell, electronic component, portable charger and more. Electronic loads are available in a range of sizes to accompany a variety of applications, including low to high power consumption.

Electronic loads are available as either AC or DC loads and are vital for measuring power supplies via rapidly increasing and decreasing the load in a repeatable fashion, which can not be achieved by hand.

Types of electronic loads

There are four main types of electronic loads including bench top, slot, system and modular. Depending on the type of application will determine the type of load required. Each type of load varies in input voltage, current, power and frequency, with multiple configuration options. Many electronic loads feature an interface with a screen and navigation buttons for ease of use, allowing you to easily configure the device. Certain electronic loads can also be controlled remotely via an Ethernet, USB, or GPIB interface.


Electronic Loads are used in a wide range of applications where the test and measurement of a power supply is required. They are commonly used in areas such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory
  • Car battery manufacturers
  • Fuel-cell manufacturers
  • Cell-phone manufacturers
  • Solar panel manufacturers

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Description Price Series Constant Wattage Mode Range Constant Voltage Mode Range Constant Current Mode Range Constant Resistance Mode Range Efficiency Rack Units
RS庫存編號 909-3569
製造零件編號EA-EL 9500-60 B
EA-EL 9000 B Maximum of 2400 W 0 → 500 V 0 → 60 A 0.75 → 250 Ω - 3 U
RS庫存編號 138-6136
製造零件編號EA-EL 9360-20 DT
EL 9000 DT 0 → 900 W 0 → 360 V 0 → 20 A 1.6 → 540 Ω - 2 U
RS庫存編號 138-6139
製造零件編號EA-EL 9080-45 T
EL 9000 T 0 → 600 W 0 → 80 V 0 → 45 A 0.12 → 40 Ω - -
RS庫存編號 187-5008
8600 Maximum of 750 W 0 → 120 V 0 → 120 A 10 → 7.5 Ω 95 % 2U